About us

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality, highest probability trade alerts using a proven trading strategy.

Since 2007 we have been providing trade alerts to our community of members. We continually improve and enhance our strategy to adapt to the ever changing market environment. Markets are fluid and are constantly changing and we strongly believe that any high quality trading strategy must change with the markets.

Our Values

We are one team unified by a set of values that run through everything we do.


We trade for a living and have grown our newsletter to several hundred subscribers.


We use good judgement and don’t take shortcuts We spend as much time as needed to analyzed each individual trade.


We don’t take unnecessary trades, we wait for the appropriate time and place the trades when we have the most favorable outcome.

Diverse Thinking

We actively seek out different trade opportunities through our analytical and statistical analysis.

Results Driven

Our focus is on providing high quality, high probability winning trades.