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We trade many different instruments in order to provide our members with several trading choices.

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CycleSpreads Program 3, Program 4, Program 5 and Program 6.

This is a 3-part trading strategy that will change the whole way you think about investing. Our goal is to maintain a 100% winning trade strategy. Our trades consist of selling puts, occasionally purchasing stock, selling covered calls, calendar spreads and diagonal spreads. The trade logic goes far beyond just placing the trades. We apply a very specific set of trading rules that dictate what type of trade we place, the entry point of the trade and the duration of the trade.

We use extensive statistical analysis, a bit of technical analysis and using market data ranging between a 10- and 20-year period we select the highest quality, highest probability trade opportunities yielding the greatest profit potential within a specific time period. We fully understand that no trading system is perfect, but we try our best to plan and execute each trade so that the odds of success are heavily weighted in our favor.

One very unique and extremely important element of our trading strategy incorporates a fail-safe condition that we refer to as recovery trading. This is simply a condition that if, X were to happen to our opening trade, then we have the option to utilize trade B and/or trade C to earn additional profits. This technique provides a tremendous benefit in protecting each of our trades.

This strategy performs great in up markets and thrives in down and sideways markets. No matter the case, whichever direction the market decides to move, your trades will make money on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. A large trading account is not needed to trade this strategy effectively. You can begin at any level and grow your trading account at a rate that you are comfortable with. The strategy allows for position sizing so investors with smaller accounts can trade less positions and investors with larger accounts can trade additional positions.

I find this to be the most relaxed trading method that I have ever used. There is no lengthy learning curve, each part of the 3-part strategy is independent and extremely easy to understand.

What Makes Us Different

We’re not your average newsletter service. We started trading our services back in 2007 and have been perfecting our strategies ever since.

Our subscribers find that by coupling together CycleSpreads Programs 3, 4, 5 and 6 offers them a good mix of short-term and intermediate term trades. On certain occasions we will post a longer-term trade, but only when the opportunity is right. Note: Our complete trading history is posted in our members area.

The expectations that we place on ourselves are very high and we encourage our subscribers to fully understand our strategies and to look at this as a long-term partnership. We hope that each new and existing subscriber take these strategies to heart and want to partner with us for the long term. Can you think of a better 2nd career to have? Before making the move to full time trading, I considered trading as my fall back plan should something ever happen to my full-time job. Back then I was trading a much smaller account and over time, I grew my account to the point where I no longer needed to rely on my full-time job. I cannot begin to tell you how empowering it is to be financially independent and I hope that, you as a new member, will carry forward, these same thoughts and goals.

One of our strongest benefits that we offer, in addition to providing research and analysis for each trade, is that we provide the education needed so that you can continue to grow as a trader and by learning our strategies, you will be able to take additional trades on your own. We don’t always see all the possible trade opportunities out there and we encourage our subscribers to share with our member community potential trades that they may come across on their own.

We consider ourselves to be more of a community of traders rather than a one-sided trading service who has little or no communication with their members.

Getting started is simple. To join the members area or to only order the trading guide, click on the subscribe tab above. The monthly subscription cost is $49.95 per month. The cost of the trading guide purchased by itself is $9.95. One or two trades will easily cover the monthly subscription cost. Within the members area, you will have access to our analysis, commentary, real time trade alerts, current trades, prior trades and the trading guide. The trading guide, will provide a detailed explanation of our trading strategy.

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We have over 40 years of trading experience, trading stocks, options, ETFs, forex and futures.

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